Court Galvanizing is committed to continually provide quality products to our customers and to continuously improve the Hot Dip Galvanizing services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

The Quality Management System at Court Galvanizing is modeled after the International standard ISO 9001.

The management team of Court Galvanizing Limited and all its employees are committed to the quality of our Hot Dip Galvanizing Services and our stated quality objectives.

  • We will strive to achieve our industries, leading position in providing to our customers, at a competitive price, the highest quality of surface preparation and hot dip galvanizing;
  • We will strive to meet all applicable standards and regulations and/or specific requirements from our customers that pertain to the scope of our Quality Management System;
  • We will strive to continually meet or exceed our customer’s needs, expectations and satisfaction;
  • We will strive to develop and promote a culture of continuous improvement of our galvanizing services and our quality management system;
  • The Management team will periodically review the performance of our quality management system and our quality objectives to ensure their effectiveness and their continuing suitability.